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Business Boom

Once unproductive oil fields are now hot again, and so are the cities in West Texas. New drilling technology has led to a revival in Texas’ oil business, fueling economic growth and creating opportunities for residents and job seekers alike.

Black gold, Texas tea, or simply oil; the names might be different, but the meaning is the same — business is booming in West Texas. Residents in towns such as Midland and Odessa are reaping the benefits of a modern-day oil boom, and the swelling cities now wake to the sound of humming drills and chugging trucks as these flourishing communities continue to grow.

Thanks to fracking, a relatively new technology that involves horizontal drilling, oil miners are tapping into deposits most thought were untouchable. By injecting water and chemicals at a high pressure into the ground, drillers are able to prop open the cracks with sand, allowing oil and gas to flow up a well. This technique is opening the door to a wealth of possibilities — and changing the fortune of the towns and their residents.


With this success and rapid expansion comes the need for infrastructure, housing, and community services — and MW Builders is no stranger to the Midland landscape. In fact, MW Builders has had at least one active job in Midland every year since 1996. Some projects residents might recognize include the Midland County Jail phases 1 and 2, the Scharbauer Sports Complex, the Midland International Airport Terminal, and the Stonegate Educational Facility at Stonegate Fellowship.  

MW Builders was in Midland before the boom, and it will be there long after the drilling dust settles. Mirroring the city itself, MW Builders is embracing growth and opening an office in Midland. Realizing there were not enough contractors to perform the plethora of work popping up in West Texas, MW Builders felt it was the perfect opportunity to establish its presence in the area.

“We’ve always considered Midland to be one of our main markets. We’ve never looked at expansion before, but we had some good years during the recession, and, since coming out of it, we’ve looked at places to grow. It just makes sense to set down roots here,” said Vice President Todd Winnerman.

Part of setting down roots includes community involvement and taking on projects that will improve the lives of Midland residents — namely for education. Among the projects MW Builders has on the horizon are the construction of and additions to schools. Work is currently progressing on additions and renovations to 11 elementary schools for the Midland Independent School District and 3 new elementary schools for the Ector County Independent School District.

MW Builders views these projects as not simply work, but rather an investment in Midland. The town is in the middle of historic development, and MW Builders plans to be in it for the long haul to help the residents of Midland turn the town’s resurgence into sustainable success well into the future.