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Caring for Kiowa

In the south central Kansas city of Kiowa, healthcare has taken a big step forward — thanks to the community. With an aging, landlocked hospital from the 1950s as residents’ primary place for care, the town banded together to make a new state-of-the-art facility a reality. From holding fundraisers and organizing an auction, the Kiowa community raised money to put toward a facility designed for the healthcare needs of today, with room to grow for those of tomorrow.

While Kiowa leaders and hospital administrators carefully studied the merits of remodeling versus new construction, they determined in the end that a new facility built on an expandable location would be the best use of public and private funds. Not only would a new facility be a more efficient mix of inpatient and outpatient resources, but it would also have land around it for future expansion of other healthcare facilities.
The Kiowa District Hospital board chose MW Builders as the contractor for the project and named Wichita-based GLMV as the architect. Construction started  April 2013 and completed exactly one year later, as planned and promised by MW Builders.

As Chief Financial Officer for the Kiowa District Hospital, Janell Goodno was appointed the primary project manager for the hospital. In addition to having experience in hospital administration, Goodno also has ties to the community — she was born and raised there. She, like other residents, was invested in the outcome of the project. This was also a new test for Goodno. She had never managed a commercial construction project like this.

“I had a learning curve to climb in managing this project, and the MW Builders team was incredibly helpful,” said Goodno. “They made sure we understood the project details and timeline and helped us make good decisions about any materials or design choices we had to make.”

Engineering Value into All Aspects of the Project
The new facility is bigger with additional capacity in radiology and emergency room bays. There is an operating room for scheduled surgeries, and there are eight inpatient rooms, each with private bathrooms.

“With more emphasis on outpatient services, the new facility is the right size and right combination of capabilities for our community,” said Goodno. Project management for the new $8 million facility was handled by Jay Jernigan of MW Builders.