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Leveraging Technology

Jeremy Lambden is the estimating manager in the MW Builders Temple, TX office.

At MW Builders, we continue to look for ways to add value for our clients. As Estimating Manager, I am focused on how to best structure and deploy our preconstruction resources to help our clients make informed decisions, avoid surprises, and move their projects forward. Above and beyond anything else, our employee owners are our most important resource. Across our entire company, you will find highly talented professionals dedicated to making your project successful. I am confident you will find this to be true of our estimators, whom you will get to know during the preconstruction phase of your project.

To provide our clients with the best preconstruction experience, we focus on refining our time-tested processes. Merging these processes with available technologies has paid dividends by allowing our estimators to be more efficient. Our clients benefit by reduced turnaround times, improved communication, and more accurate budgeting and pricing. Ultimately, this gives our clients more time and improved information on which to base their decisions.

In implementing technology to improve our processes, we look for ways to automate processes and decrease the amount of things we do manually. We also look for ways to increase access to information and simplify document management to promote communication and help eliminate confusion. While we are excited to see future advances in technology, and how they will influence the industry, we believe in a practical approach to technology. We utilize effective and reliable existing technologies to increase efficiency, add value to our processes, and increase benefits to our clients.

A great example of how we consistently utilize technology to benefit our clients during preconstruction is through our use of site modeling software, especially on design-build projects. On most projects, site work costs are a huge variable — and often the biggest unknown during the early stages of preconstruction. We utilize available site and geotechnical information to build a model of the site and quantify the earthwork. Most importantly, we are able to quickly analyze options and determine the most cost-effective solution for the project.  

Over the past year, estimating staff from across our company have come together to form best practice groups focused on promoting communication and consistency and sharing lessons learned with each other. While these groups are focused on analyzing and refining our processes, it should come as no surprise that they are heavily focused on the best ways we can utilize available technologies to do our jobs better.

It is important to remember that technology is only a tool. It is a very powerful tool when it is well utilized, but it is no substitute for personal commitment to the details of the project. I am proud and thankful to be a part of a company where our project teams consistently demonstrate this personal commitment; their commitment is responsible for our success and the repeat business we continue to see.