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Extending the Value of an ESOP

We just finished celebrating National Employee Ownership Month in October, and as we wrapped it up by coming together as teammates in each office for parties, I was reminded of just how unique this company is — and how employee ownership affects more than those of us who work here. It benefits our clients and partners, too.

To understand how that’s possible, you have to understand how being an employee owner changes the mindset, not just of the organization, but also of each employee. As a company with an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), each team member owns shares of the company, so they directly benefit when the company does well. This creates a team-first attitude that you can feel when you walk in our doors. You can see it in how people treat each other, how they chip in to help on projects when needed, and how focused everyone is day in and day out.

That focus also is visible to our clients, and this translates into success for them as well. As employee owners, we value relationships — with each other and with our partners. We recognize that to be successful, everyone must buy in and trust each other, and I am confident our partners see this mindset in their interactions with us.

This mentality is not reserved for the office and operational staff; it transfers to the field and our projects, too. Because each person has a stake in the outcome of the project, the drive to come up with innovative — and often cost-saving — solutions is taken up a level. I can’t tell you how many times our people have gone above and beyond for our clients, and I truly believe this comes from the approach we all have as employee owners.

Our employee-owned structure and ESOP benefit also helps attract and retain the best in the industry — another advantage to our clients and partners. Having the best means peace of mind for our associates. They can feel confident knowing that our people are not only capable, but that they expect excellence and have high standards for themselves, which results in a great project from start to finish.

I’ve been with MW Builders for 21 years now, and I was here when the company was sold to the employees 17 years ago. I have seen the shift in thinking and the environment it has created, and I can honestly say it has changed everything — from the obvious, retirement, to my daily interactions with people across the organization and with partners as well. We are not only in it for each other, but we are also in it for you. I am proud to work for an employee-owned company, and I believe we have a lot to celebrate, as we did last month.