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Building a Construction Career


Ashley Dietze is a proposal coordinator for MW Builders and works out of the Temple, TX, office. Ashley has become an integral part of the team, as she assists with all aspects of the proposal process to help the office secure project wins.

If someone told me when I graduated college with my B.S. in Advertising that I would be working for a construction company, I’m not sure I would have believed it. My path to MW Builders has been a windy one, taking me from my first entry-level job with an advertising agency to a sales career where I marketed food to school districts, stocks and bonds as a financial advisor, and finally pharmaceuticals. To say that I have a diverse background is an understatement.

While I’m extremely thankful for my past experiences and training over the past 10 years, it wasn’t until I found my way to MW Builders that I felt at home. Our unique culture is founded on our values (teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit, quality craftsmanship and integrity) and is engrained in all our employees. I was initially hesitant working for a construction company and an industry that is perceived as less than ideal for women. Thankfully, I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism and respect all of my coworkers have toward women and each other. MW Builders is extremely family oriented, loyal to its employees, honest and transparent in communication, and a fun place to come to work every day. I appreciate all of these attributes as a female, a working wife and mother, but mostly as an employee owner. I am extremely proud of my contribution to our project pursuits and marketing of the MW Builders brand, and I know I’m an equal team member in the eyes of my coworkers and this company — regardless of my gender.

As a proposal coordinator, I assist the estimating department and our field operations with just about everything. From maintaining our project database to updating resumes, I help to provide the best resources and information during all phases of a project. I spend my time creating RFQ/RFP responses and coordinating brand standards for all our company marketing efforts. From submitting military RFQs hundreds of pages long to coordinating our logo signage on cranes towering over the Dallas skyline — I do a little bit of everything.

I definitely had a learning curve entering a new industry, but I’ve learned so much about construction over the past three years. With so many creative and technical avenues and an increase in the number of women in the industry, construction is changing. While women make up less than 10% of the workforce today, the number of women in leadership positions is growing every day, and the industry is evolving into a truly viable career for females.