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The design of office spaces is changing.

The days of workplaces with heavy doors, small kitchens just big enough to store your lunch brought from home, and windows only being afforded to executives are rapidly going away. Today’s workforce is wanting a more collaborative environment, break rooms to hang out in with coworkers, and artwork that makes them feel connected to their brand.
With the growth that MW Builders has experienced the past few years, two of our offices have invested in new spaces with enhanced gathering areas, a more open concept, and artwork that brings our brand to life for our employee owners and clients alike.

Megan Rangel from Studio 8 Architects stated this about designing MW Builders’ new office located near Austin, TX, “Creating a meaningful connection between departments was a driving force in the design. The grand staircase we designed would have normally been a focal point in the lobby for guests. However, we moved it to the back of the building to create an employee-focused destination that fosters connection and community.” She continues stating that, “Creating a variety of spaces throughout the office provides employees with areas designed for specific tasks – whether employees are doing heads down work, taking a phone call, or collaborating with coworkers. They are encouraged to get up and move throughout the day.”
In addition to creating more communal and informal meeting spaces, another trend that we at MW Builders have incorporated in our new spaces is “environmental branding.” The design, colors of the space, and even the artwork all tie into the overall branding of the company. Anne Simmons, environmental branding expert and designer states, “This approach makes employees feel more connected to their brand, and visiting clients are able to really get a sense for the company culture. For MW Builders, creating an inspiring workplace includes projecting the core essence of the brand throughout the environment. Company values are reflected in compositions of project photography, graphics and messaging throughout the space. All the artwork showcases their company values and their employees working in the office and the field.”
“Our people love seeing our four core values of entrepreneurial spirit, quality craftsmanship, teamwork, and integrity come to life through our artwork,” says Todd Winnerman, vice president for MW Builders, of the new Kansas City office space.
Since we spend the majority of our time at work each day, why wouldn’t companies take the opportunity to create an environment that fosters pride and collaboration? When we’re all competing for top talent, investing in this area is clearly the right approach.