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Subcontractor Perspective


Having the right team in place helps ensure the success of a project. There are a few things you can put in place from the start to help attract the top players to bid on the project.

We’ve gathered insight that we’ve heard from subcontractors on how they utilize a variety of factors when deciding whether or not to throw their hat into the ring for a job.

Relationships. When there are recognizable and respected general contractors bidding, subcontractors are more likely to participate. Having an established relationship with other partners on a project provides a sense of stability to the job. For any new project, a subcontractor will be weighing the pros and cons, and knowing who you’re going to work with can help alleviate some concern regarding the risk.

Clear Bid Information. When bid requests are clear and the subcontractor feels like they have a good handle on the expectations on a job, they are more likely to join the bidding process. If there is ambiguity surrounding the request, it often raises a red flag. Avoiding the risk associated with a project with unknowns is a common practice among this audience.

You’re looking for the best team to work on your project. Keep these tips in mind at the genesis of a job to help ensure you’re able to attract the right talent to bid for your projects.