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Office Spaces


There are a number of reasons why your company may be considering a new office space, all unique to the specific needs of your business and employees. However, finding the right space can be intimidating, and identifying your priorities can feel overwhelming. The MW Builders Texas office recently went through the process and has a guide to follow to help others navigate the daunting task of finding the right new space.

This might be the easiest question for you to answer. There have likely been signs for a while that demonstrate that your team needs a new space. The process can take time, especially if you have very specific requests.

The first step in the process of determining your new office will be identifying where that office should be. For many companies, near your existing office might work just fine; however, there may be other elements at play which can impact your location.

One of the main objectives for the new MW Builders office was to help attract and retain top talent. Positioning their office closer to the Austin metro and airport was one of the highest priorities. In addition, the new location needed to have the least amount of impact on current employees, who may continue commuting from their existing location.

“One of the biggest draws of our new Pflugerville location is that we already had great relationships with people in the community. It also suited our needs for attracting new talent with its close proximity to Austin, and it is right along the highway 130 corridor, making the commute easier on our current employees,” said Jason Oldham, vice president at MW Builders.

What are your must-haves for your new office? A number of key features will rise to the top once you begin evaluating what’s important to your business and your employees. Do you need warehouse space to manage inventory? Do you need a stand-alone building? Should you look for an existing building to renovate and make your own or start from scratch with a new building?

The MW Builders team knew a new building from the ground up made the most sense for their business. They are, after all, a construction company and what better way to demonstrate their expertise than with their own space. Some of the must-haves for the design were:

  • Flexible space - to accommodate training initiatives, open house gatherings, and hosting clients and partners
  • Collaborative areas - to support a focus on teamwork and encourage collaboration and discussion among teams
  • Opportunity for growth - to ensure the office can accommodate growth as they continue to expand their business

You’ve identified what you want and need in a new office. Now you just need to determine who is going to help bring your vision to life.

Having worked with many local construction partners, this was one of the most fulfilling parts of the building process for MW Builders. Managing the construction of their own building was done in part to showcase their own skill, but also to exhibit the expertise of the other important contractors that they work with regularly.

“We approached the design of our office with the intention of highlighting the work of our valued partners,” said Oldham. “We opted to have exposed mechanical systems to celebrate the intricacies of our mechanical contractors’ work and included similar wood soffits on our exterior as a tribute to our recent work in student housing. Our building is a true reflection of the skill of our partners and we couldn’t be more proud of it.”

Just as much thought should go into the inside design. Environmental branding helps bring your brand to life in a very experiential way. MW Builders incorporates their red into the interior décor and creatively displays successful projects and company values through artwork throughout the building.

Moving to a new office is a big undertaking and can have a big impact on your business. Using a thoughtful, well-rounded approach to planning your new office can make the transition easier. MW Builders has been on the path to a new office for more than two years, and the team is excited to be in their new space.

“Our building tells a story of who we are, who we partner with, and what we can do. And we’re eager to start this new chapter of our business.”