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Long History. Future Growth.


Experiencing growth as the Permian Basin works to reinvent themselves as more than just oil territory  

Oil has always been the key commodity in the Permian Basin near Midland, Texas. Since the early 1900s, the area has been a hot spot for companies seeking oil. And while there have been ups and downs since then, the city is on its way to establishing itself as more than just an oil town — it’s a place to build a career, have a family, and create a community. And MW Builders is ready to step in and partner to help build it.

MW Builders has been a fixture in the Permian Basin for the past 25 years, but five years ago the company became a permanent Midland resident with the opening of their third office. The MW Builders team has seen work ebb and flow based on oil prices and the economy, and while their project portfolio has adjusted over the years, the group remains committed to revitalizing the town and the surrounding areas into the communities they want to be.

The Boom
The most recent discovery of oil reserves has brought a number of businesses back into the area. Many left when the oil boom bottomed out in the 1980s and are now returning, putting down roots, and doing their best to attract talent to the area to support growth. With such an influx of people and jobs, the cost of living reflects the surge in demand and lack of supply. Oil companies know that growth is limited without the infrastructure to support it, and the city understands that its growth comes largely from oil companies, so they’ve come together to reach a common goal: improve the infrastructure of Midland and the surrounding areas.

The city of Midland began the initiative to become a world-class city back in 2014. In order to prepare for the expected growth, they began with a focus on roads, housing, and utilities. They built, improved, and expanded their roadways and worked hard to bring in developers to focus on housing growth. Their existing utilities were aged, so they established a plan to improve or replace areas that needed attention. When the price of oil dropped, the city adjusted, but didn’t cease their initiative. That proactive approach kept them on track and when the price of oil bounced back, they still had their momentum. Change, even when it’s for the better, can be hard, so the city focused on involving the community and made sure efforts were done in full transparency to help garner the trust and support of local residents.

The Partnership
Oil companies joined the local community in improving the area with the establishment of the Permian Strategic Partnership. This assembly came together to examine the opportunities for growth from a variety of angles. Each company designated employees to help work on solutions for the communities, and focus groups were established to address specific areas of need.

“We are working on improving our communities for our current residents, as well as our future citizens,” said Jerry Morales, Mayor of Midland. “Our goal is to have the best education and healthcare systems to support the needs of this area. Not only that, but we want those who settle in this area to have an excellent quality of life, with outdoor activities, as well as arts and culture, on top of a modernized infrastructure.”

All of the work that MW Builders has either recently completed or is working on is related to supporting that population growth. Public spaces, offices, and education are all industries that the general contractor helps support. The Midland Library recently went through a renovation to improve and update the space. The first floor was renovated and built back with new offices and meeting rooms to support the needs of the community. Just north of Midland, the team recently finished work on a brand new jail to support Martin County. The new jail replaced an out-of-date, smaller facility that didn’t have the capacity to support the area, which often resulted in the need to send inmates off to other counties.

The Future
As the area looks ahead at improvements, MW Builders is excited to continue to work with local partners on meeting the needs of a growing area.

“For many years, we’ve been a fixture in the Permian Basin, so we feel very connected to the area and its future moving forward,” said Aaron Hoelscher, operations manager at MW Builders. “It’s exciting to see the growth happening all around us.”