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We believe in creating an injury-free environment and understand that this begins in the field with our team members. Our commitment to safety can best be exemplified by our performance and consistently low EMR.

At MW Builders, safety isn’t a rule book, it’s a way of life woven through our company culture making sure each and every employee owner goes home to the folks they care about every night. We’re passionate about safety; as a core value of our company, we believe promoting and creating a safe place to work is as important as all the other things we do in bringing projects to completion.

We continue to improve our safety program year after year through the below initiatives:

People-based safety groups - Comprised of field and office employee owners, these groups help educate and instill our total safety culture across departments.

Training initiative - Through training, we educate and empower employee owners, enabling them to recognize and reduce risk.

Accountability - Safety is an integral part of every employee owner’s annual performance review.

Back-to-basics - We've enhanced PPE requirements to include 100% eye protection, hand protection, and fall management.

Safety first - Our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) is well below industry average which means a safe job site, no schedule delays, and a better bottom line for you.