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Ward Memorial Hospital Renovation

The Ward Memorial Hospital project involved the phased renovation of a 3,000 SF hospital emergency room in three phases — all while keeping the emergency room operational.

After completing the first phase of the project, the hospital experienced a fire (not related to construction) in the radiology department that was adjacent to the construction area. The entire area required remediation, so the renovation project was put on hold for eight months while fire remediation crews worked to clean up the areas damaged by the fire.

Upon commencement of the project after the clean-up, phased construction was no longer necessary as construction started over from a building shell. The entire renovation square footage increased to 4,000 SF, and a new imaging center was added to the project. The new emergency room construction in­volved bringing the entire area up to code and included new flooring, new exam lighting, and new equipment throughout.

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Square Feet: 4,000
Project Location: Monahans, Texas
Project Owner: Ward Memorial Hospital/Ward County
Project Architect: VanderGriff Group Architects