Who is MW Builders?

“MW” is for a longstanding history founded on our Midwestern values. “Builders” truly represents who we are: expert craftspeople and trusted partners.

We are a nationally-respected and relationship-driven commercial construction company, and we love what we do. Our team delivers preconstruction, design-build, general construction, and construction management services that get results. As we grow, putting down roots and investing in the people and communities we serve will always be our most important priority. 

Our values

As a company — and as individuals — we rely on our values of integrity, teamwork, quality craftsmanship, and entrepreneurial spirit to build partnerships that last. As a 100% employee-owned company, we take the success of our clients and coworkers personally.

  • Integrity
    • Our goal is to create lasting relationships, and we believe projects steeped in respect, integrity, and trust make for incredible outcomes and communities. 
  • Teamwork
    • Individually, our employees, partners, and clients are incredible. But by embracing teamwork, we believe innovation and creativity are immeasurable.
  • Quality Craftsmanship
    • We love what we do, and we work hard to ensure we bring nothing but the best in quality, safety, and value to everything we touch.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • We invest in the future of our industry through continuous learning, bold ideas, and passionate, visionary leadership.
  • Caring Heart
    • Our team gives with our hearts to the causes we care about, supporting community partners and non-profits with our time, talent, and financial resources.

Our History

We're rooted in our Midwestern values.


It was the height of the great depression when Claude Sanders lost his plumbing job in Kansas City and courageously decided to start Midwest Plumbing and Heating Company on his own in 1932.

By the mid-1930s, Claude’s brothers, Perry and Lee, had also lost their jobs as plumber and pipefitter and joined Claude’s business as partners.

The business grew into a full-service commercial operation, and the brothers persevered through another difficult period during WWII.


In the early 1970s, Tom Sanders recognized a unique opportunity to enter the general contracting business. By 1971, the Sanders brothers had established MW Builders, Inc. as a general contracting branch of the company. The “MW” stands for the company’s longstanding history founded on Midwestern values; while “Builders” reflects the essence of being craftsmen.

One of the company’s first major projects was building for Motel 6 around the country.


By the late 1980s, the general construction business was booming, and another opportunity presented itself. The team was awarded work at Ft. Hood and quickly became known as a quality contractor that specialized in military projects.

To meet the growing demand of work in this area, the company opened an office in central Texas and added to its self-perform capabilities, which is still a major differentiator today. Since the 1980s, MW Builders has worked on over 15 military bases across the United States.


The Sanders family realized there are benefits to being a company owner – you are more vested in your work, get to share in success, and ultimately, customers benefit.

Partial ownership was transferred to employees in an ESOP in 1999, and by 2002, the company became 100% employee owned.


By 2010, it was clear the company could become stronger by unifying its seven operating subsidiaries into seamless national brands.

The mechanical side of the business consolidated four offices under the MMC Contractors brand, and the three offices that made up the general contracting business all became MW Builders, taking the first step forward in becoming a known national contractor.


MW Builders opens a Midland office after having a hand in building the Midland community for more than 20 years.


MW Builders takes pride in being an innovative industry leader through changing times and remains committed to establishing strong partnerships that help clients navigate the changing marketplace.

As part of an ongoing commitment to the region, in 2018 the company expanded into new facilities to the Austin metro to better serve this growing community.


As Texas remained the strongest construction market in the US with a high market potential score based on construction potential through 2025 and beyond, Dallas was an ideal location for MW Builders to expand and grow organically.

In 2020, the company opened its Dallas office, making it the third Texas location since its inception, allowing MW Builders to maintain and establish roots and relationships in Texas.


2021 is a special year for our team as it marks our 50th anniversary. That’s right, 50 years. We have accomplished so much from our inception in 1971 and we’re excited to expand on our momentum as we enter a new and exciting chapter of our organization. We owe our success to our phenomenal employee owners who have made MW Builders such a great place to work, and who have worked so hard to make our success a reality.

Also in 2021, we expanded our footprint into the sunshine state with the opening of our fifth office in Jacksonville. Our expertise in design-build, light industrial, multifamily, and hospitality are a perfect match for the growth plan for this area. We’ve spent the last fifty years honing our craft and building long-term relationships, and we’re committed to taking all of that to the next level as we expand into a new market.

Our culture

We are employee owners, and that guides the decisions we make every day. It’s a feeling of teamwork and collaboration that is hard to match at other companies. At the core, we care about the success of our clients, our communities, and the people we work with.

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At MW Builders, safety isn’t a rule book, it’s a way of life woven through our company culture.

We make sure each employee owner goes home to the folks they care about every night. We’re passionate about safety; as a core value of our company, we believe promoting and creating a safe place to work is as important as all the other things we do in bringing projects to completion.