Creating Family-Sustaining Job Opportunities

Careers in construction can be fulfilling and offer an opportunity for the underemployed or unemployed population to obtain a job where they can not only make enough money to support their family, but there’s also potential for growth.

MW Builders is committed to doing our part to both encourage new people to enter the industry, as well as to help prepare them for the jobsite. Getting these folks up-to-speed and able to contribute on a jobsite is also part of the mission of Cara Dimattina-Ryan, Director of Existing Business and Workforce Development at the Greater San Marcos Partnership. As an investor in the program, MW Builders has a vested interest in improving the construction opportunities for people in our local communities. The program began after Ryan and her team witnessed the success of a program created by Austin Community College. At that point, her team started work to expand the concept into the Greater San Marcos region, which includes Hays and Caldwell counties. Funding from Workforce Solutions – Rural Capital Area helps pay the tuition for 16-week courses so that people can gain the knowledge and skills needed and quickly be able to transition to the jobsite to begin implementing them. 

“It’s exciting to see more of a focus aimed at supporting our industry from an educational standpoint,” said Bret Necessary, business development lead at MW Builders. “Supporting the Greater San Marcos Partnership on this initiative helps us support our local community, as well as helps us continue to sustain our industry. It’s a win-win.”

In order to expand the program, the team is looking for Austin-area employers to get on board and participate in the training opportunities. They are also looking for insight on what areas have the most need for workers. If you are interested in getting involved with the program, please reach out to Cara Dimattina-Ryan via email at