MW Builders Honors Veterans Day 2022 with a Milestone Project at Ft. Hood

MW Builders is grateful for the bravery and sacrifices made by our nation's U.S. Military veterans. As an organization, we're committed to supporting the active-duty and veteran service men and women who have and continue to valiantly defend our country. 

For nearly three decades, MW Builders has been proud to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, building projects on U.S. Army bases across the nation for our service members. There is no greater honor for us as an organization than to work alongside our company's U.S. veteran employee owners on these projects, including the construction of the 100th Barracks at Fort Hood in Texas. 

"Being awarded the opportunity to build the milestone 100th Barracks is a source of great pride for us at MW Builders," says Dallas Division Manager Charles Rombold, "and the fact that we have the honor to build this project with some of our nation's veterans makes this project far more impactful for everyone involved." 

The 91,500-SF project is well underway and will house the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade Soldiers upon completion. Each room will house two soldiers and will include a private space for each individual, providing safe and comfortable accommodations for the brave men and women serving our country. 

From everyone at MW Builders, thank you, veterans, for your service and all you’ve done and continue to do to impact the lives of those around you!

Pictured: MW Builders U.S. Military veterans holding the American flag on Fort Hood 100th Barracks project jobsite.