Our Continuous Commitment to Safety

June is National Safety Month. This initiative was created by the National Safety Council (NSC) to raise awareness around workplace hazards and help reduce some of the common causes of injuries on our jobs. This month and every month, our team is focusing on our current safety procedures as we strive to achieve the highest level of safety for our employees. As a company, it's our goal to make sure our team gets home safely at the end of each workday.

COVID-19 Safety Update

Given the risks surrounding COVID-19, the safety and health of employees are now more relevant than ever. When the virus began to spread throughout the US, we determined it was time to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and health of our team. On all our jobsites with 10 or more people, we have required daily screenings for all employees before they enter the jobsite, including contact-less temperature checks performed by a third-party medical assistant and questions related to symptoms of COVID-19. Once workers are cleared to enter the site, they are given wristbands identifying they have passed that day’s screening. If they do not pass, they are sent home and must have either a negative test result or be symptom-free for 72 hours. Staggered shifts have been implemented to avoid back-ups during the screening process and to stagger work in high volume areas. Each onsite team member must maintain a 6-foot separation, and we have limited the number of employees permitted to ride on jobsite elevators together. Our jobsites are also equipped with multiple hand washing and sanitizing stations, as well as signage reminding workers of safety protocols.

View our phased approach to reentry here.

Cultivating A Safety-Centric Culture

The success of our program throughout the years has always been our and leadership's commitment to safety and always will be. We have achieved this by not only keeping "safety first" in mind but by integrating safety within our organization at all levels and creating an environment where safety is equal to quality and productivity. This comprehensive and more holistic approach to our team members' well-being focuses on injury protection, and exposure prevention to include social, emotional, and environmental health. 

Even if your title isn't "Safety Manager," you can still be a safety leader, and this is something we encourage from all of our teammates. A safety leader can be anyone who has a positive influence on safety, is focused on exposure prevention, and actively works toward the holistic approach. There is always time to discuss safety and health, so we encourage everyone to identify who their safety managers and leaders are on each jobsite to keep the line of communication open.