Battle Command Training Center

This project consisted of an 80,000-SF Battle Command Training Center (BCTC) as well as support facilities, site development, and improvements. The design of the building incorporates several unique finishes to the exterior shell which include a corrugated panel system, translucent panels, masonry, and a composite panel system.

Tactical Operations Center (TOC) pads adjacent to the building and incorporating the antennae farm located atop the building allow tactical equipment to stage for field maneuvers. State-of-the-art communications and security systems allow for personnel in the BCTC to communicate real time with any location the military is deployed worldwide. The BCTC is designed to simulate battlefield conditions within a classroom setting utilizing a cost-effective method of training.

Ft. Riley, KS // 80,000 SF // U.S. Army Corps of Engineers // Jacobs // General Construction