Cargill Feed Mill

This project involved construction of a new bagged ingredient warehouse, a micro-ingredient warehouse and implementation of food grade details and materials, and a tilt wall fire pump house with storage tank.

The bagged warehouse and the micro-ingredient warehouse were designed with drilled pier foundations. The fire pump house and storage tank have shallow foundations. The remainder of the structure consists of structural steel, joists, and deck, a TPO roof system, with roughly 10 dock doors and 35 translucent panels. The large bagging warehouse has approximately 2,500 SF of office space with basic finishes that include HVAC, plumbing, and an ESFR sprinkler system, an installation requiring a 100,000 gallon +/- onsite water storage tank and fire pump.

All work was performed while the feed mill maintained 24-hour operation, including truck and train deliveries.

Temple, TX // 87,048 SF // Cargill, Inc. // VAA // Design-Build